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Albany Convict Gaol Museum is a fascinating construction in which convicts were imprisoned starting with the 1850s. In fact, this location was built in 1852 and all imperial convicts were jailed here. Visit Albany Convict Gaol Museum in a rental car that offers a clear understanding on how prisoners were treated, while part of the building is kept the exact same way it looked during those years, as the museum underwent a restoration process to its original appearance.

Goode Beach is an amazing location in Albany. Surrounded by numerous islands and with an amazing view, the Goode Beach is one of the few places in Australia in which tourists are able to see the sunrise over the ocean. The view is really spectacular.

Kalgan River is a popular place in Albany. The location is great for boat cruises, fishing and also bird watching. Park your rental car and experience the Kalgan River which is 140 km long and during a boat cruise planned here, tourists are amazed by the beauty of the natural sites surrounding the river.

Emu Point is the perfect place for swimming and planning a picnic, as the waters here are calm, with lawn and trees surrounding them. Emu Point is also a great place to go for fishing and boating, but also for enjoying a relaxing afternoon.

Albany Wind Farm is formed by 12 giant wind turbines, of 100 meters height, which generate more than 75 percent of all green electricity of Albany. Learn about The Albany Wind Farm by driving your rental car in the area which is open every day of the year, being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. 

Albany Car Rental
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