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Will I Need a Special Licence to Rent a Campervan in Australia?

Campervan licence requirements

In most cases, you will not need to present a special type of licence. You will only need to present a valid driver's licence to be eligible to rent a campervan. Keep in mind that your driver's licence will need to be valid, meaning it can't be expired, probationary, a learner or provisional licence etc. Unsure if your licence will be eligible? You can call our customer care team or the campervan rental company to confirm.

Additional drivers who want to be added to the rental agreement will need to present their licence and meet the same requirements as the primary driver to be able to drive the campervan.

Can I rent a campervan with my foreign driver's licence?

If your licence is in a language other than English, you will need to provide an International Driving Permit in conjunction with your licence at the campervan rental counter. You will need to attain an International Driver's Permit in advance and bring it to the campervan rental counter when you pick up the vehicle.

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When you rent a campervan in Australia . . .

Make sure the lead driver and any additional driver's all present their valid driver's licence at the rental depot. If your licence is not printed in English, you may also require an International Driving Permit.