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Australia Travel Tips

Travelling to Australia? Going on a road trip through the Outback? Want to know the top beaches to visit? Well you have come to the right place. Our useful travel tips can help you prepare for your next Aussie adventure. It is best to be prepared for a stress-free holiday. 

Brisbane city traffic

Driving in Australia

Driving in Australia can be quite an adventure. There are many things to consider. The vast distances between cites, the condition of the roads you intend to travel, and speed limits to name a few. Another thing to remember is that this is a left driving country. If you are used to driving on the right side of the road like in the United States, then drive carefully or let someone else drive for you. 

Fighting Fatigue - Driver Reviver

Driver fatigue is one of the greatest contributors to Australian road mishaps. Fatigue can severely impair judgment and it can affect anyone. It is particularly dangerous because one of the symptoms is decreased ability to judge our own level of tiredness. If you are tired or sleepy, it is best to take a break and grab a cup of coffee. It that still doesn't do the trick, it is best to rent out a room and take a nap. 

Parking in Brisbane 

Traffic areas

parking meters Australia

The Brisbane Central Traffic Area extends beyond the main city shopping area to Breakfast Creek, Herston, West End and Buranda. Signs for the Central Traffic Area are located on the area boundaries and in some streets within the area. You can park for a maximum of two hours anywhere in Brisbane Central Traffic Area, unless a sign states otherwise.

Signs for the Gabba Traffic Area are located on the area boundaries and in some streets within the area. There is a two-hour parking time limit in the Gabba Traffic Area, unless the signs state otherwise. Parking at the Gabba during major events is restricted to 15 minutes, unless signs state otherwise.

Signs for the Suncorp Stadium Traffic Area are located on the area boundaries. On every match day at Suncorp Stadium, a five-minute (P5-min) parking time limit restriction applies inside the designated traffic area in all unsigned streets from 12 noon to 10pm.

Parking meters

You are not allowed to return and put more money in parking meters to extend the parking period beyond the stated limit.

Brisbane also has multi-bay meters, where one meter can cover up to four car parking spaces. Drivers need to take note of the bay number marked on the street kerb where they have parked and read the instructions on the meter. For more information, check out the official website of the British City Council.  

fill the tank car rental

Avoid Being Stung For Inflated Petrol

All car hire companies appearing on the VroomVroomVroom site release the vehicle to you with a full tank of fuel.

A few things to watch out for:

  • Before you leave the depot, check that the tank is full.
  • If it is not full, make sure to report it immediately to the depot.
  • Before you return the vehicle to the depot, be sure to fill up at a Petrol Station close to the depot. 
  • If the vehicle is not full of petrol on drop-off you will be charged an inflated rate by that company on your credit card. 
  • All companies disclose on their rental agreements the current refill rate - usually this is 50 cents more than the bowsers at the Petrol Station! This covers their costs of getting the fuel trucked in and their time to fill the vehicle.

Visit MotorMouth to help you find the best fuel prices around Australia. They have up to date fuel prices for the following cities.

  • Adelaide 
  • Brisbane 
  • Melbourne 
  • Sydney 
  • Perth

Tip of the day: Be smart and fill your tank before you return the car; and naturally check if it was full to begin with.

Airport Recovery Fees

Many airports around Australia charge what is known as an "Airport Recovery Fee" . This fee is passed on to the consumers by the suppliers as they in turn are taxed for having on airport facilities.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We highly recommend that you purchase and carry a disposable camera in your rental car at all times (even your vehicle at home for that matter). However, you can always use your cellphone as a backup. This allows you to document situations that may occur like:

  • Car damage caused while parked or away
  • Vehicle condition at the time of return
  • Unjust tire clamping
  • Accident sites
  • The occasional panorama
  • A great sun set
Seriously, while the suppliers of VroomVroomVroom have received minimal complaints, and most are dealt with in both a timely and reasonable fashion, some car hire companies claim repairs for damage already done prior to rental or damage occurring after the vehicle has been returned. A few pictures can stop this activity before it gains any momentum. Just saying that you have before and after pictures usually does the trick.

Having a disposal camera (and often a current daily paper) allows you to document the situation as you come upon it. The daily paper is to prove the time that the activity occurred. A picture truly is worth a thousand words - so don't take any chances and become an amateur paparazzi for fun and safety.