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10 Things First-Time Visitors Need to Know About Australia

Travelling to Australia? Going on a road trip through the Outback? Want to know the top beaches to visit? Well you have come to the right place. Our useful travel tips can help you prepare for your next Aussie adventure. It is best to be prepared for a stress-free holiday. 

1. A country for all seasons

Oi! You can travel and do anything, at any time of the year in Australia. The best time to swim the beaches of Sydney is from December to February, while March to May signals autumn in Australia. If you enjoy snow skiing in the Australian Alps, then you can book your flight from June to August. The wet season in Australia is from December to March, so take this chance to see waterfalls thunder through Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks.

2. Know the main rules before driving in Down Under

Driving in Australia can be quite an adventure. There are many things to consider. The vast distances between cites, the condition of the roads you intend to travel, parking fines, and speed limits to name a few. Another thing to remember is that this is a left driving country. If you are used to driving on the right side of the road like in the United States, then drive carefully or let someone else drive for you. Note also that drink driving or driving under the influence of a band substance is a serious offence in Australia. 

3. No shortage of romantic getaways

Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Daylesford in Victoria, Victor Harbor in South Australia, Margaret River in Western Australia and Hyams Beach in New South Wales are just some of the many romantic spots in Australia that will surely make anyone fall in love! No wonder many couples flock to these places  to celebrate their wedding, anniversary or honeymoon.

4. See the best OZ adventures

Australia has numerous things to offer more than just enjoying the beautiful white sandy beaches, surfing best waves, and drinking on world class wine. VroomVroomVroom listed down our top 10 chasing thrills in whether you want get close to nature or experience the outdoors. And we promise, these wild activities won't disappoint!

5. Love Affair with Pokies

Australia is known as the capital of online slot machines, or “pokies” as they call them, according to Australian Times. To date, there are close to 200,000 poker machines in Australia and about 100,000 pokies are in New South Wales (yup, you read it right – almost half of all poker machines in NSW), which can be found not only in casinos, but in pubs and clubs as well.

6. Meet some koalas

Aside from the kangaroo, another much-adored animal in Australia is the koala. which by the way is not a bear. Usually heavier, Koalas are marsupials, cuddly and sharper-clawed than commonly expected. Schedule a meetup with Archer the Koala, who resides in the Koala Sanctuary at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Western Sydney. Archer was named 'Australia's Cutest Animal' in 2015.

7. To tip or not to tip?

Do you tip, or should you tip? Like in any place in the world, tipping in Australia is purely voluntary, and no one is obligated to give a tip.

8. Aussie Mateship

Calling someone as “mate” is considered a popular Australian trait. For them, this is not just a sign of friendship or brotherhood – it could mean more than that. However, don't presume easily that just because one Aussie called you "mate" means he/she likes you as there is key nuance in how long the letter 'a' is spread out for when pronounced. If it's a long “mate”, you can breathe and smile, because that means he/she approves you. But beware if it's a brief, sharp "mate" because you might be in trouble.

9. Well-travelled people

Australians ranked ninth, according to Oyster as the most well-travelled citizens. Yearly, Australians make a total of 3.8 trips, which include 3.4 domestic getaways and 0.4 international vacations. Their favourite destinations include London, India and Bali.

10. Travel in the off season for great deals

But when really is the best time to travel to Australia? Literally any of the months (and seasons), except between December and February, which is summer in down under. If you can, avoid peak season and simply take any of the months outside of summer and you are good to go! One more tip, you will probably get cheaper fares throughout the spring and fall seasons. 

Have we missed any tips? Let us know in the comments - and do share your thoughts about whether tipping is a good idea or not.