How To Kiss In a Car

couple kissing in the car

There are a lot of ways of kissing inside a car. Here are some of them!

1. The “Front Seat Lean”. This is the most common way of kissing when you and your partner are sitting in the front seats. When doing the kiss, never forget to unbuckle your seatbelts because it can cause strain in your backs. Move your body in a position where you're actually facing your partner and make sure that your partner is also facing you. Slowly, lean towards your partner and give your partner a long, soft and romantic kiss.

2. The“Back Seat Passion”. And in the name it suggests that it includes the backseat of your car. It's nicer compared to the front seat because it increases the body contact between you and your partner. And the passionate kiss can eventually turn out to something more... you know.

3. The“Peck Through Window”. It's a way of kissing if your partner is outside your car and the windows are down. The ideal situation for this type of kiss is when either you and your partner are parting for the night or if you're the one outside the car and you just simply want to surprise your partner with a kiss. If you're the one outside the car, simply lean downward to your partner and kiss your partner the way you like it. If you're the one inside the car, one of the tricks to make your partner lean down towards you is to tell your partner that you have something to say to him or her. And once he or she bends towards you, kiss him or her. This will not just surprise your partner but he or she will also think that you're sweet because he or she is not expecting for the kiss.

Kissing doesn't have standard rules. You can explore and invent your own way of kissing that is more romantic, daring and passionate. And this will add more thrill and curiosity in your relationship.

What is your favorite kissing technique in the car? Do you have other kissing tips that you would like to share?


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