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    How to Avoid Getting a Parking Ticket

    parking violation windshield sticker

    Discovering a parking ticket slapped on the windscreen of your hire car is something that can cause displeasure and stress, hence it is important that you understand and know the basic rules to avoid receiving a parking fine in the first place. Here at VroomVroomVroom, not only we offer the easiest and fastest way to book a car hire, we also care about the safety and welfare of our customers. Below, we gathered some helpful ways on how to avoid getting a parking ticket. 

    Simple ways to avoid getting a parking fine

    1.  Download and use the Parkhound app. Perhaps the most practical and fastest way to avoid a parking fine is to install and use the Parkhound app. Simply search and look for a parking space, book it, pay and and you are ready to park. Similar to AirBnB, Parkhound allows you to lease your garage or driveway  to other motorists when you are not using it. By booking with Parkhound, not only you can save money and arrive on time, you can find peace of mind too.

    parking garage at the airport

    2. Carefully read all the road signs. Drivers who are always in a hurry over and over again miss out to check the road signs accurately, including loading zones, no parking zones and rush-hour zones. Furthermore, "temporary"  (or movable) signs are displayed for construction sites, emergencies, street repairs, street cleaning, tree trimming, water or sewer line work. With almost all areas of capital cities in Australia under rigid parking restrictions it pays to check the signs not just once, but twice or three times.

    3. Regularly carry spare change. Another common reason why people receive a parking fine is because they don't have the right change to hand. Imagine this, you are trying to find a park and you are circling and circling and then you finally find one. Now when it's your time to get a ticket, you suddenly realise you have no enough change. And so the problem hits you. Are you going to move from your park at the front entrance, or you are going to chance it? Whilst parking lots in Australia today are finally improving at giving choices to hard currency, still nothing beats having some spare change in your glove compartment or glovebox.

    4. Park legally. But of course, the best way to avoid getting a ticket is to park legally and avoid ever getting one. 

    Let us know if you have any other suggestions and ideas. Happy parking! 

    Make sure to read our Driving in Australia page if you want to get more tips on Australian road conditions and speeding fines. For more information on traffic and speed signs, click our article on Speeding Cameras and Rental Cars