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Hertz Singapore Terms & Conditions - Summary of Key Points

Age Restrictions and Exceptions

Minimum age is 21 years for all vehicles except Groups: J K L Q and R. Minimum age 25 years: Groups: J K L Q and R. 

For further information regarding minimum age requirements, please refer to "Driver's Licence" in the location index.

Additional Drivers

A maximum of 1 additional drivers are allowed at no extra cost. For additional drivers of two or more a charge of SGD5.00 per day applies.

Additional Products/Services

Child Seats and Booster Seats

Child seats are mandatory in Singapore. Child and Booster seats are available for all car groups with 24 hours' notice. 

Booster seats apply for children aged 3-6 years. Booster Seats are required to be requested for all car types. Booster seats are $7.00 SGD per day. 

Child seats are $7.00 SGD per day.

Hertz offers only Government approved child restraints. 

Devices suitable for infants under the age of six months are not approved due to health regulations and therefore should be supplied by the customers. 

Portable Navigation System

All bookings for GPS - on request only. Portable unit provides full touch screen functionality. Preloaded with Singpaore and Malaysia Maps. 

Language: English. 

Voice Activation: English or Chinese (Mandarin). 

Extra Features: Playback music, videos and pictures. 

Cash Payment Not Available. 

Customers are responsible for any loss or damage. One Way rentals into Malaysia not available. Available in all Groups SGD15.00 PER DAY

After Hours

Singapore Changi Airport Returns: Hertz provides the key drop service at Changi Airport at both terminal 2 & 3. Customers must request this key drop service during pick-up. Customers are to sign a key drop off form and return vehicle to Hertz designated parking lots. The hirer remains fully responsible for the condition of the vehicle. This service is free. 

Pick ups: An after hours fee will be charged between 2300-0659 hours. After hours charge $50.00 SGD 

A cancellation / no show charge will apply on after hours bookings of $50.00 SGD 

Ubi Downtown and Vantage Automotive - No after hours services at these locations.

Delivery/ Collection Service

Delivery service is available on request. The delivery fee is SGD 50.00 per trip (excluding tax). Delivery services are only applicable to offices and hotels between the hours of 0900 - 1700 hrs.

Driver's License

Singapore Citizens, permanent residents of Singapore and foreigners who resides in Singapore for more than twelve (12) months must possess a valid Singapore driving licence which has been held for at least one year at the time of rental. 

Foreigners who reside here for less than twelve (12) months must possess a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorised body in their country of origin e.g. the Automobile Association (AA). 

If an International Driving Permit is not available, an official translation of your foreign licence in English is required. 

In the case of ASEAN nationals, you must possess a valid driving licence issued by the proper authority in your country, before you are allowed to drive in Singapore. 

Additional drivers wishing to drive must also present their licence specified above. They must sign an "Additional Driver" form to be attached to the Rental Agreement. A maximum of 1 additional drivers are allowed at no extra cost. For additional drivers of two or more a charge of SGD5.00 per day applies.

Chinese drivers must present their Chinese driving license and certificate together at the rental counter.

Driving Restrictions - Driving Abroad

Driving into Malaysia is permitted however a daily surchage applies: 

S$100.00 (Groups K, L, R) or S$50.00 for all other groups. 

1-3 day rentals: Vehicles may travel into Malaysia bust must be returned to Singapore. 

To rent one-way into Malaysia, a 4 day minimum rental period applies and must be to either of the following locations: Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan or Penang. 

Please note: Driving into Malaysia requires Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). 

Cars may not be driven to Thailand.

Forms of Payment

Credit Card Payment only: Hertz, American Express, Diners Club, Master Card, VISA and JCB. 

Debit cards not accepted. 

Acceptable forms of payment via the Internet is limited to major credit cards. 

A credit card in the main driver's name is required for booking and renting the vehicle, however, you may opt to pay with cash at completion of rental if desired. 

At the time of rental, an authorization is obtained on your charge card based on the estimated rental charges. You must have sufficient credit on your card to cover all charges.

Insurance and Other Coverages

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) Coverage: Third party death and bodily injury liability is unlimited. Property Damage limited to SGD 5 Million. All cars have Non-Waivable Damage Excess.

Non-Waivable Damage Excess Within Singapore: S $1,500 (Groups C, C2, F, F2) S $2,000 (Groups G2, H) S $3,000 (Groups J, Q) S $4,000 (Group L), S $2,500 (Groups M, N, N2, S) 

Driving into Malaysia: S $2,500 (Groups C, C2, F, F2) S $3,000 (Groups G2, H) S $6,000 (Groups J, Q) S $8,000 (Group L) S $3,500 (Groups M, N, N2 O, S) 

Protection Saver Can be purchased for S $25 per day to reduce the Excess amount Within Singapore: S $750 (Groups C, C2, F, F2) S $1,000 (Groups G2, H) S $1,500 (Groups J, Q) S $2,000 (Group L), S $1,250 (Groups M, N, N2, S) 

Driving into Malaysia: S $1,250 (Groups C, C2, F, F2) S $1,500 (Groups G2, H) S $3,000 (Groups J, Q) S $4,000 (Group L) S $1,750 (Groups M, N, N2 O, S) 

Super Protection Saver Can be purchased for S $45 per day to reduce the Excess amount Within Singapore: S $ ZERO (Groups C, C2, F, F2) S $ ZERO (Groups G2, H) S $ ZERO (Groups J, Q) S $ ZERO (Group L), S $ ZERO (Groups M, N, N2, S) 

Driving into Malaysia: S $500 (Groups C, C2, F, F2) S $600 (Groups G2, H) S $1,200 (Groups J, Q) S $1,600 (Group L) S $700 (Groups M, N, N2 O, S) 

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): To provide the driver an additional personal insurance cover when driving the vehicle. PAI covers death, permanent disablement and second & third degree burns. PAI can be purchased for cover of up to SGD $100,000 at the following fee: SGD $5 per day for driving in Singapore and Malaysia. (excluding tax).

Windscreen Cover: The renter can purchase additional windscreen cover at the rental counter providing terms and conditions have not been breached. S $5.00 per day.

Minimum Rental

Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance prior to commencement of rental. The minimum rental period is 1 day. 1 day is based on a 24-hour period. When returning the vehicle, additional charges will apply after the grace period is exceeded. Hertz allow a 59 minutes grace period. If a renter returns later than this grace period, Hertz charge for extra hours. Excess hour is charged at one fifth of the daily rate subject to a maximum of 5 hours. Thereafter, full day rate will apply.

One-Way Rentals

One-Way Rentals are those consisting of picking up the vehicle in Singapore location and returning the vehicle to a location in Malaysia. The minimum rental period is 4 days for one-way rental and the reposition charges for key cities are as follows: 

Car Group B F H 

  • Johor Bahru S$50 S$60 S$70 
  • Kuala Lumpur S$150 S$175 S$200 
  • Kuantan S$200 S$225 S$250 
  • Penang S$250 S$275 S$300 

Note: For all other cities/towns to the nearest key cities stated above are chargeable at S$0.70 per km. Please refer to "Rental Restrictions" in the location index for additional surcharges for cars driven into Malaysia.

Refuelling Charges

Hertz provide you with a full tank of fuel at time of rental and options are available for replacing the fuel you used. 

Fuel Purchase Option (FPO): Allows you to pre-purchase the tank of fuel at a discounted / competitive price at the time of rental. You may return the vehicle with as little fuel as you feel comfortable with. This option eliminates the need to refill the tank before returning the vehicle. There is no refund for unused fuel. 

Refueling Service: A refueling service is offered for your convenience when FPO is declined and you chose to return the vehicle with less than a full tank of fuel. Hertz will refill the fuel for you and the refueling service charge will be added to the cost of the rental.


Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is a compulsory toll fee implemented by the Government to ease traffic congestion in Singapore. 

Hertz has an in-vehicle machine to insert a smart card which has a microchip embedded in it. Each time the vehicle passes a pricing point when the ERP system is in operation the toll fee is automatically deducted from the smart card. 

Hertz provides the ERP smart card with the rental and any amount (in Singapore Dollars currency) used on this smart card is payable by the customer. 

Touch 'n Go card to drive from Singapore to Malaysia 

The Touch 'n Go (TnG) smart card is used by Malaysian toll expressway and highway operators as the sole electronic payment system (EPS). 

The credit card sized smart card made of plastic with a microchip embedded in it. 

Cars passing through have to use the card to touch at the reader at TnG lanes counter or drive thru TnG lanes at certain toll points. Toll fares are charged at the various checkpoints. 

Hertz do not provide the Touch 'n Go card. Customer has to purchase this card (in Malaysian Ringgit currency) directly after driving past the Malaysian immigration checkpoint.


All rates are subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the current rate of 7% from 1 st July 2007.