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Budget Singapore Terms & Conditions - Summary of Key Points

Age Requirements

The minimum rental age may vary by location worldwide. In Singapore, drivers must be 23 years old and above. There is no exceptions for younger drivers. For International rentals, maximum and minimum age policies and young driver charges may apply and vary by country.

Estimated Totals

Estimated total quotation includes base rate, taxes, and surcharges. Some items such as refueling are NOT included in the estimated total. Optional services and one-way fees are subject to tax in certain locations. If you are unsure of your charges, please clarify with the rental service agent upon checking your rental agreement. Estimated total is subject to change based upon exchange rates at the time of rental.

Additional Fees

Your total rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at time of reservation. Online reservations reflect an estimated rental rate that is subject to change due to factors such as local taxes, additional add-ons, fuel options and more. 

If the country of residence on the renter's credentials do not match the country indicated on the reservation, the rental rate will change. 

Vehicles are rented on a daily (24-hour) basis. Late returns will incur late additional charges. Tax and tax related surcharge rates are subject to change without notice. 

Frequent Flyer surcharges may be applied at time of rental. 

At many airport locations, concession recovery and facility fees may be charged. 

At many locations a vehicle licensing cost recovery fee and a energy recovery fee may be charged. 

Extensions or late returns result in additional charges.

Credit Card Policies and Authorization Hold 

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, Avis Card. 

Most major credit cards are accepted as credit identification at the time of rental. 

An authorization hold will be performed on your credit card. 

The exact amount of Credit Card authorization will vary by the rate, car group, length of rental, and miscellaneous charges. You may check with the rental counter for an estimate of the authorization amount. 

For Singapore, credit card must be either: 

(a) Owned by the main driver, or 

(b) Owned by an affliate who will be available to be physically present at the time of pick-up and drop-off. 

Credit card owners have to sign an acknowledgement form to allow driver to use their credit card. 

Debit cards are not accepted. 

For International rentals, the policy for credit and debit card use may vary. 

Some locations may or may not accept debit cards.

Debit Card Policies

Visa and Master Card debit cards are classified as cash and accepted at rental check-in/vehicle return only.

Driver's License Requirements

At time of pickup, all drivers must present a valid drivers license in their name. 

The minimum driving experience may vary by location worldwide. 

In Singapore, it is mandatory to have a valid driving license and at least 12 months driving experience. 

Foreigners who reside in Singapore for less than 12 months must possess a valid foreign license from the country of residence and International Driving Permit (IDP). 

Foreigners who reside in Singapore for more than 12 months must possess a Singapore license. 

All drivers must have a safe driving record.

Travel Into Other Countries

Cross Border Travel into Malaysia is allowed. 

A cash card is required for entry into Malaysia. There will be a surcharge for all vehicles being driven into Malaysia: SID 50.00 per day, maximum SID 750.00 per rental. 

Customer must request Cross Border Travel at time of reservation. Please call Budget reservations for details and confirmation. 

Driving into Thailand is strictly not permitted. 

In addition to these fees, customers must purchase a Cash Card and Touch N Go Card. 

Electronic Road Pricing or Congested Area (ERP) Gantry: All Budget cars are installed with an in-vehicle unit (IU) that the Cash Card is inserted into. Each time a vehicle passes through the ERP Gantry, a charge is automatically deducted from the account. 

Customers can purchase the Cash CArd from Budget at a cost of SID 30.00. The cards can also be purchased at most petrol stations and 7-Eleven stores. 

Cash cards are also required for most car parking facilities in Singapore, as well as for crossing the causeway into Malaysia. 

A Touch N Go Card is also required to pay the toll fee when driving in Malaysia and can be purchased from Budget at a cost of SID 25.00.

Optional Coverages

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) 

Customer is liable for the full value of the Budget vehicle if Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is not taken. If LDW is purchased, the renter's liability is reduced to an amount ranging from SID 1,500.00 to SID 3,000.00, depending on the car group rented. All accidents occurring in Malaysia will result in an additional surcharge of SID 1,000.00. 

LDW does not cover any missing items, vandalism, damage from riots or any non-collision-related damage. Just ask at the Budget rental desk when you collect your car. Global insurance coverages are always subject to change. Please verify at time of rental.