Hertz Terms & Conditions

The below T&Cs (including prices and taxes) are provided by Hertz and may change without notice to VroomVroomVroom.com.au.

This quote includes:

  • G.S.T.
  • Stamp duty,
  • Basic insurance cover (LDW) for cars (not specialty cars, 4WD's, 12 seater van, luxury models) with an excess of FJD$3000* (for Compact, Economy) $FJD5000* (for Intermediate, 4wd) excluding local taxes and surcharges. Excess reduction insurance can be purchased separately upon arrival
  • Signified kilometre amount (generally unlimited, see below for extra km charges)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • One way fees if applicable
  • Airport taxes and surcharges if applicable
  • All vehicle fees related to the booking, eg. Vehicle drop fees, all recovery fees, premium location fees, corporate location fees wherever applicable.

This quote will not include:

  • Excess reduction insurance. AER for all vehicle groups is FJD $22*/ 25*. The renter is liable for all the damage to the Hertz vehicle throughout the rental. If AER is accepted by the customer at the time of rental, the excess is reduced from FDJ $3000* down to FJD 700 (specialty vehicles FJD$5000* to FJD $1000*).
  • Child Seats or booster seats (can be purchased after confirmation for $12*FJD* per seat, per day) for ages 6 months to 2 years
  • Extra kilometer travel (if your rental is limited, the limit can not be extended, and each km will be charged indicated on the rental agreement by Hertz Fiji.
  • Any extras signed up for upon arrival.
  • A Credit card surcharge of 5% is applicable to all rentals paid for with a credit card and charged on the total cost of the rental 

* All extra add-ons will attract additional percentage taxes and surcharges.

Modifying Booking

Modifying your booking may change the original quoted price. For details on how to modify your booking please click the 'My Booking' tab above.

Excess Reduction/Collision Damage Waiver

VroomVroomVroom.com.au does not sell protection products or excess reduction packages, therefore any quotes/enquiries MUST be directed to Hertz.

  • Standard Liability - from $3,000* - $5,000*
  • Renters are liable to an excess fee for damage incurred including salvage charges, Legal fees and damage to third party property.
  • Excess for groups B, C, & J is FJD$3000.00* and for groups F, G, K and L is FJD$5000.00*
  • This liability can be reduced by the client purchasing Accident Excess Reduction (AER) for FJD$22*/25* per day, this reduces the liability to FJD$700.00* for groups B, C, & J and to FJD$1000.00* for all other groups.
  • Theft Protection: Not Available. In case of theft the renter is subject to the excess amount applicable.

All under-body, overhead & tyre damage is at the hirers cost.

Drivers Licence

All drivers must be over the age of 25, at time of rental, the renter must present a valid, open driver's license issued from country of residence that has been held for a minimum of 2 years. Probational or Learner type licenses are not acceptable for renters.

If the license is not in English, then an International Driver's License is also required. (Renters from China can use a China Notarial Certificate (CNC) and is used in place of an International Driving Permit, however their original Chinese license MUST accompany the driver as well as the CNC).

International Drivers - All overseas and international drivers' licenses are accepted as above requirements. Drivers must be over 25 and have held a driving license for a minimum of 3 years.

Additional Drivers

Must be over the age of 25 at time of rental, the driver must present a valid, open driver's license issued from country of residence that has been held for a minimum of 2 years, 3 years for Overseas & International Drivers. Probational or Learner type licenses are not acceptable for additional drivers wishing to drive must present their license at any Hertz office, in the presence of the renter any time during the rental. They must sign an "Additional Driver" form to be attached to the Rental Agreement. There is no charge for Additional Drivers.

Credit Cards

A valid credit card in the renter's name is required for booking, and the renter available at pickup to sign the Rental Agreement.   Credit cards must have available credit for the estimated amount of rental charges plus FJD$600 for groups B, C & J &  FJD $900 for Groups D,F,G,K & L for any incidental charges in order to secure the rental.
At the time of rental, an authorisation is obtained on your charge card based on the estimated rental charges. You must have enough credit on your card to cover all charges.
Acceptable Charge Cards: American Express / Mastercard / Diners Club / Visa / Hertz / Japanese Credit Bureau.

Most, but not all, Hertz locations also accept debit cards. Use of a debit card to rent a vehicle is subject to a review of your credit history. Hertz will authorize your credit/debit card for an amount above the total estimated rental charges, if they can not secure credit approval for this amount they will decline your rental.


Minimum age is 25 & must have held an unrestricted/open Drivers Licence for more than 2 years & 3 years for Overseas/International drivers .

Child/ Baby Seat

These are available at FJD$12.00* per day and when booking the age of the child must be given. For ages 6 months to 2 years (nothing available from birth to 6 months)

Hertz Online Reservation Terms and Conditions:

This reservation is based on information you have provided Hertz, including information regarding your current geographic location. Hertz reserves the right to demand proof of what you have told them. In particular, if you have indicated that you are located outside your country of residence, you may, at the time of rental, be required to prove where you were when this reservation was made, through evidence such as an air or rail carrier ticket receipt, a hotel bill or a utility bill addressed to you at the location where you say you were. Failure to provide such substantiation may invalidate the rates you have been quoted, or invalidate the entire reservation. Providing false information to Hertz in connection with this reservation would also breach your rental agreement and could violate the law