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East Coast Car Rentals - Important Rental Information

Please note: for East Coast Car Rental's full terms and conditions, a link will be provided upon booking submission.

Below is a summary of the most important information. If you have further questions, please contact our customer care team.

Rental Vehicle Excess

The Excess Damage Fee is approximately AUD $990 and will be specified in the Rental Agreement you accept upon pick up.

The excess is the most you’ll pay towards repairs for damages to the vehicle’s bodywork, where the repairs are covered by the rental provider’s basic insurance. The basic insurance often doesn’t cover damage to other parts of the vehicle (overhead, underbody, interior, windows, wheels) or other charges (misfuelling, loss of use, key loss, towing, roadside assistance, child seats, GPS devices, personal belongings) and damages due to Hail and Flooding; you may be charged full costs for repair or replacement expenses that are not covered by the basic insurance.

Protection options to reduce or reimburse the rental vehicle excess are available. These options include third-party Rental Vehicle Excess insurance, and excess reduction waivers sold by the rental provider at the rental counter.


Full payment, less the deposit, is made when upon collection of the rental vehicle. It is important to note that cash is not accepted at any East Coast Car Rentals location.

The name printed on this card must match the name of the primary driver/renter.

Security Deposit/Bond

East Coast Car Rentals will request a security deposit to be held against your booking. This will be processed as a pre-authorisation on the nominated credit card. The amount held is AUD $500, except for local renters at AUD $1,000. Pre-authorisations are held by the cardholder’s financial institution and not by East Coast Car Rentals. A pre-authorisation may take up to 31 days for the financial institution to release as available credit to the linked account following the completion of the booking.

Accepted Cards

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • EFTPOS-only card

For renters paying with an EFTPOS-only card, it is compulsory for the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) to be accepted upon collection of the rental vehicle. A Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card will also be required for security purposes. In all cases, the cardholder must be present upon collection of the rental vehicle to pay for the booking and sign the Rental Agreement.

Credit Card Surcharge

2.2% of the total transaction value will be charged to American Express cards used for payment with East Coast Car Rentals.

Driver and Licence Requirements

Each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and must present a valid driver licence upon collection of the rental vehicle. A maximum of four drivers is permitted per vehicle.

Drivers aged between 21 and 24 years old (as of the last day of the rental period) are permitted to rent a vehicle, however, said drivers are subject to an additional AUD $9.90 per day surcharge.

Drivers over the age of 80 are subject to the approval of the renting officer.

Drivers who hold a valid provisional licence (P-plates) may rent from East Coast Car Rentals under the following provisions;

  • The P-plate driver must have held a valid provisional licence for a minimum period 12 months prior to the commencement of the rental booking.
  • The driver must provide P-plates for the rental vehicle. P-plates are generally available from most service stations.
  • The driver must accept the full LDW option.
  • The contract will include the additional young driver surcharge if applicable.
  • The driver must abide by the terms of the Rental Agreement, as well as any and all restrictions associated with the provisional licence.

Learner drivers are not permitted to rent vehicles with East Coast Car Rentals. For international driver licence holders, drivers must present the international driver licence alongside a copy of their valid passport. An International Driving Permit will also be required if the international licence is not printed in English.

Local Renters

Requirements for local renters:

A local renter refers to a customer whose driver licence was issued by the state in which the vehicle is being collected, and who resides within a 150-kilometre radius of the rental location.

Local renters must provide a utility bill that was issued within three months of the booking commencement date, reflecting the renter’s name and address as they appear on the renter’s driver licence. The utility bill can be a phone bill, internet bill, electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, rates notification etc.

If the local renter has recently booked with East Coast Car Rentals, a utility bill for verification of address may not be required.

First-time renters must leave a security deposit of AUD $1000 upon collection of the rental vehicle, held as a pre-authorisation on the nominated card, regardless of any waiver options purchased.

Where the customer has rented from East Coast Car Rentals previously:

  1. If the customer declines all LDW options, the AUD $1000 security deposit is required.
  2. If the customer accepts LDW, a security deposit ranging from AUD $385 to AUD $500 is required (depending on the reduced excess amount).
  3. If the customer accepts Premium Cover, a pre-authorization of $1.00 is required.

*If the customer is unable to provide a paper copy of a utility bill, an electronic copy (from their smartphone) is acceptable. East Coast Car Rentals will verify the address on the utility bill to ensure it matches the address on the driver licence.

Additional Drivers

East Coast Car Rentals permits up to four additional drivers per vehicle and offers x1 additional driver free of charge. Additional Drivers are AUD $12.00 each per rental.

Drivers aged between 21 and 24 years old (as of the last day of the rental period) are permitted to rent a car, however, said drivers are subject to an additional AUD $9.90 per day surcharge.

Airport Pickup

If calling with an Australian sim card, dial 1800 474 258. If calling with an overseas sim card, dial +61 7 5555 8908.

Fuel Policy

Full to Full: The vehicle is supplied with a full tank of fuel; if the vehicle is not returned with a full tank of fuel, additional refuelling fees will apply.


Unlimited kilometres are included for the duration of the booking unless otherwise specified when booking.