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Can I Drive My Rental Car to Stradbroke Island?

Stradbroke Island

Situated off the coast of Brisbane, Stradbroke Island is the ultimate spot for surfing, snorkelling, and whale watching. See for yourself what the island has to offer by exploring it in a rental car.

Taking a Rental Car to Stradbroke Island

Some car rental providers do not allow their vehicles to be taken to Stradbroke Island, so it’s best to check with your prospective provider before booking a car. In any case, you’ll need to get authorisation from your rental provider if you’re planning on taking your rental car on the Stradbroke Island ferry.

You'll find the vehicle ferry to Stradbroke Island in Cleveland. There are two vehicle ferries that provide services to the island—Minjeriibah and the Sea Breeze—with the journey taking about 45 minutes.

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Travelling Around Stradbroke Island

When you arrive at Stradbroke Island by vehicle ferry, you’ll disembark at Dunwich. The East Coast Road is the primary sealed road that will take you across the island. On the east side of the island, you’ll find the town of Point Lookout, which offers an array of amenities and activities to visitors.

Stradbroke Island Top Attractions

map pin iconPoint Lookout: Not only is Point Lookout one of Queensland's best spots for whale watching, it also provides some of the best coastal views from the island.
map pin iconDiving: Anyone interested in diving will love Stradbroke Island. The reef is abundant with unique marine life, and some of the island's dive sites are considered among the best in Australia.
map pin iconCycling: Stradbroke Island has many kilometres of cycling trails throughout. Pick up a bike and cycle through the beautiful Blue Lake National Park.

Important Information:

Before You Take Your Vehicle to Stradbroke Island

Some car rental companies do not allow their cars to be taken on the ferry to Stradbroke Island. Be sure to ask for permission from your rental provider before travelling to the island.