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Can I visit Bruny Island With a Rental Car?

Bruny Island

There is a reason why Bruny Island is fast becoming Tasmania's premier holiday destination. It is a highlight for foodies, and a must-see for any avid hikers. Make sure you try the locally-produced cheese and wine, and follow the coastline to try and see local wildlife like fairy penguins.

Getting to Bruny Island with a Rental Car

If you frequently rent cars, you will know that taking your vehicle on a ferry is generally not permitted. However, at Bruny Island there are some exceptions. Avis and Budget will allow their vehicles on the ferry in some cases. It is a good idea to check with the individual depot whether they allow ferry-travel, as this can be unique per depot. You will need to advise the counter staff when you pick up your rental car that you intend on taking it to Bruny Island.

The ferry departs from a town called Kettering, which is about 30 minutes drive outside of Hobart. You can pick up your rental car at Hobart or at Hobart Airport. A car is the best way to travel across Bruny Island. The ferry operates seven days a week, year-round. You can check their official website for the timetable and prices. The vehicle ferry takes about 20 minutes to cross the D'Entrecasteaux Channel to Bruny Island.

Getting Around the Island

Much of Bruny Island is gravel road. You will not be permitted to take your rental car off sealed roads, meaning you will not be able to access more remote, north parts of the island. The best time to visit Truganini Lookout and Penguin Rookery is between September and February.

Follow the Bruny Island Main Road from the ferry terminal. It will take about 40 minutes to drive from Robert's Point to Lunawanna.

Bruny Island Top 3

map pin iconThe Neck: This narrow stretch of land is one of the most photogenic spots on Bruny Island. By taking a quick hike up the staircase to Truganini Lookout, you will be rewarded with a great view.
map pin iconBruny Island Wine: Try some of the delicious, locally-produced wines on Bruny Island. Bruny Island Premium Wines is a small vineyard located in Lunawanna, and has become particularly popular among visitors.
map pin iconWildlife: Bruny Island is home to plenty of unique wildlife. Spot fur seals, dolphins and whales off the coast, and watch the local penguins return to their burrows every evening.

Important Information:

To reach Bruny Island . . .

The best place to pick up your rental car to visit Bruny Island is Hobart. VroomVroomVroom compares car rental at Hobart Airport as well as city locations. Remember to check with the individual depot you pick up your car from before you visit Bruny Island, as the terms and conditions may be different for each location.