Dear Elia and Naomi, Enjoy Your Stay in Queensland!

Paradise Island, Green Island, Queensland, AU

Here are a few of our favourite local photos!

VroomVroomVroom is very glad to provide bloggers and photographers visiting Queensland with complimentary car rental. We're huge fans of your photography and would like to welcome you, Elia & Naomi, to Brisbane. We sincerely hope that you are enjoying your time in Queensland, and we think you'll find the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast to be the most beautiful region of Australia.

Realizing that you create some of the most gorgeous images we've ever seen, and that you're a world class landscape and cityscape photographer, we've put together a few of our favorite photos taken in our area, and we want to share them with you both.

Under the bridge

The Story Bridge is a heritage-listed site that you might consider photographing on this or a future trip to Brisbane. Spanning the Brisbane River and linking our city's North and South suburbs (connecting Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point), it's the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. The photo above is a beautiful panorama of Story Bridge by a photog with the handle “Cyron”, while the photo below was taken by a gentleman named Nam Nguyen from the manmade beach under the bridge, focusing on the city's skyline across the water.

Way up high in Surfers Paradise

An hour southeast of Brisbane is Gold Coast, and within Gold Coast you can find the spectacular beaches of Surfers Paradise.

The Q1 skyscraper is the first suggestion we'd like to make if you're looking for great photo sites in Surfers Paradise. This 8-year-old building was a former record holder as the world's tallest residential tower (it was soon beaten by The Marina Torch in Dubai, which we think you've shot pictures from…) Last we checked, it's still in the Top 5 for that list. The photo above was taken by Mr. Paul Bica from street level near the Q1.

Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads beaches


Another favorite photo by Mr. Bica -- it inspires us whenever we view it -- is this shot taken on a beach in Gold Coast. We love the colors of the sky in this photo, and we know that color is a critical component in your amazing works.

And if you drive your rental car about 15 minutes further south along the coast, you'll be in the relatively quiet suburb called Burleigh Heads. This is where Rex Boggs snapped the amazing shot below, featuring the skyline of Surfers Paradise in the distance across the water.

Away from the coast & Off the beaten path - Queensland parks

Of course, Queensland is not all beaches and buildings. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and photography in our national parks. One of our favorite photos taken in Moogerah Peaks National Park (about 2 hours West from Gold Coast) is this one, a panorama taken by a photographer with the handle "Tatters", from atop Mount Greville.

Again, we want to wish you, Elia and Naomi, the best of all luck and happiness while you're here on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, and please feel free to contact us if we can help you with anything. We are just pleased to be a small part of your travel arrangements, and we hope that at least one of these photos we've shared with you will give you a new idea about the beauty of Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Queensland parks.

Have an awesome stay!

Your friends at VroomVroomVroom,

Staff at VroomVroomVroom

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