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Top Attractions Within Port Hedland!

Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve is a wonderful place situated on a picturesque beach with clean white sands that stretch all over. Park your rental car and you can take a walk through the nature reserve to a diverse flora and fauna that has adapted to the coastline. You can even go fishing or camp overnight to catch the morning sunrise.

Don Rhodes Mining Museum is the place in Port Hedland where you can see fully restored locomotives. You will be amazed by the ingenuity of the road, rail and transport technology, which eased the industrial growth during the last century. Be sure to visit the open air museum that pays homage to the mining industry that once was thriving in Port Hedland.

Town Observation Tower is a unique place to visit with your rental car in Port Hedland. Just take the elevator to the top floor, open your camera and enjoy the wonderful Birdseye view. You can see everything that is going on in the town, in the port entrance and last but not least, the coastline.

Port Hedland is a great place for rediscovering the past with the help of history, culture and civilization.

Port Hedland Car Rental
Port Hedland,Western AustraliaAustralia
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