3 reasons to rent a car in Queenstown

Fellow Australian's, I must have the easiest job in the world. All I need to do is give you 3 reasons to hire a car in Queenstown, New Zealand. The truth is, I could probably think of 100 bazzillion reasons! A'hem, I'll just stick with the 3 shall I?

1. After a day in the snow, you won't feel like waiting for a bus

Before working at VroomVroomVroom, I had never actually hired a car at the snow. Now I wonder how I ever survived without one. The last thing I feel like doing is waiting and sitting in a bus full of smelly people. It's such a good feeling knowing I can jump in the car after a hard day of bruising. It is so worth it. They give you snow chains if the roads are snowy (I have never had to use them). It's also nice being able to leave at whatever time I want in the mornings.

2. Activities are a short drive outside of Queenstown

Shot over Jet, wineries, bungy and other death defying activities all require a short drive. Driving yourself there saves a few hours out of your day. If you're there for a good time, not a long time, you'll probably want to rent a car.

3. Beautiful scenary to be discovered

If you're into photograpy or breath-taking scenary you'll need a rental car to get you to the best spots. (eg scenic look outs) Taxi is also an option, but he's just going to look at you funny and charge you a fortune.

Have an ewwesome Holiday

So next time you travel to our friends in Queenstown, New Zealand consider renting a car. It could be the decision that makes an ewesome and babarriffic holiday.

Author: Richard Eastes

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