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Narrandera is a small, but beautiful town located in New South Wales, Australia. With a population of more than 3.961 inhabitants, Narrandera is considered to be one of the most popular destination for visitors, in this region of Australia.

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Driving tips in Narrandera 

Narrandera has a great historical and cultural heritage. The city is closest to Griffith, at a distance of 97 km, but also to Wagga Wagga, at about 99 km distance. Narrandera is located on Murrumbidgee River, which confers the town an unique scenery and numerous possibilities for tourists to plan all kind of aquatic activities.

The Koala Reserve is a beautiful place to visit in Narrandera. Since the koala is a national symbol for the country, a visit to this location is a must to better understand the specific of the country.

Explore Narrandera  attractions in your reliable rental car

The Narrandera Historic Walk is a spot in the city that should not be missed by tourists deciding to visit this amazing Australian town. A walk from Narrandera Park will introduce all visitors to the town's heritage buildings. The post office, courthouse, police station, and numerous other constructions built in the late 1880s and early 1990s, are considered to be an important part of the heritage of this amazing Australian town.

Parkside Cottage Museum is another place that tourists need to visit, at least if they want to learn something about the history of Narrandera. Numerous interesting collections are displayed here, including traditional costumes, specific to various historical periods.

The Murrumbidgee River with its calm waters and the stunning views that tourists will be charmed with here are going to make everyone love being in Narrandera. Surrounding the Murrumbidgee River, numerous species of plants, but also many animals, can be viewed. Endangered fish species and an amazing aquatic life, as well as various possibilities for birdwatching, are also characteristic to this area of Narrandera. The river is a popular location for recreation, as tourists are able to find numerous possibilities of water sports, swimming, fishing, camping and also sailing.

Antique Corner and Objects D'Art is a great place to start if you wanna see the inner makings of the fair Narrandera by giving their local art a look. Enjoy this newly restored historical home that's set in a striking and spacious garden area. The place is famous for its prized and high-quality antiques, original oil paintings and of course, its “objects d'art”. Want to swim in a sea or the town's artistry? Well, visitors of all ages and backgrounds are most welcome

Lavande Aromatiques Lavender Farm in  Bells Road is a great and relaxing place to stop by if you're looking for sweet smells and pretty growth. Buying a couple of their products for your female loved ones isn't a bad idea either. The place is actually a bigshot lavender supplier. Everything from dried lavender to essential oils to beautifully handcrafted lavender skins care products and gift item, Lavande Aromatiques has got it all.

Lake Talbot look-out boasts of having the best panoramic view of the Narrandera's famous lake plus the nature reserve around it. Take a walk on the track that starts from the lookout and goes around the lake to get a close-up of how pretty and serene the waters can be. That's not all you can do at this artificial lake. You can actually come by and engage in boating, canoeing, water skiing and all that water work. So if you were itching to get active, now's a good time to stretch those muscles and show your skill.