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Need help with your car rental? Phone: 1300 722 920

How to Kiss in a Car​

young couple going on a kiss while in the car

Showing your affection to someone can happen anytime and anywhere even inside the car. A kiss best signifies deep admiration and care for someone - and you can make this special by the way you execute it. There are many ways on how you can kiss in a car, from the "front seat lean" to the "back seat passion" so choose which you think is apt for that moment. We at VroomVroomVroom wanted to ignite the passion in your relationship so check out these few kissing suggestions.​

Front Seat Lean

This is the most common way of kissing when you and your partner are sitting in the front seats. When doing the kiss, never forget to unbuckle your seatbelts because it can cause strain on your backs. Move your body in a position where you're actually facing your partner and make sure that he/she is also facing you. Slowly, lean towards your partner and give him/her a long, soft, and romantic kiss.​

Back Seat Passion

As the name suggests, this kiss includes the backseat of your car. Make sure you are parked in a secluded area and turn off the headlights to avoid catching the attention of other people. This type of kiss is more comfortable than the front seat because you have more space to move around. Just know your limitations because going beyond a kiss is illegal in most places.​

Peck Through Window

This is the ideal kiss when you and your partner are parting for the night. If you're the one outside the car and you want to surprise your partner with a kiss, simply lean down and kiss your partner the way you like it. If you're the one inside the car, tell your partner that you have something to say to him/her then give a quick kiss. This will not only surprise your partner but he/she will also think that you're sweet.​

Quick tips on how to set the mood for kissing

  1. Clean up the vehicle and use a scented car air freshener.
  2. Keep the temperature comfortable - not too hot nor too cold.
  3. Take the scenic route then park to a spot with an amazing view.
  4. Play some romantic music or his/her fave tunes.
  5. Keep on glancing at your partner while driving.

Kissing doesn't have standard rules. You can explore and invent your own way of kissing - the more unique, the better. We hope that these kissing tips will keep the spark alive in your relationship.​