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Who are Safer Drivers: Men or Women?

couple arguing inside the car

The question of which gender is a safer driver often stirs up a lot of debate, with women typically stereotyped as being prone to car accidents. While neither will admit that the opposite sex are better drivers, we can look at the numbers of crashes and accidents over a number of years to answer the question.

The truth is drivers are not safe from accidents no matter what their gender is. Being out on the road has its risks, and it is impossible to prepare for the many unexpected hazards that may arise. People have been advised for a long time to slow down, stay vigilant and take extra care while driving because of the high number of accidents that occur on our roads. 

We have looked at some studies that have been done to try and answer the question of which gender is the better driver. It is a little-known fact that most major car accidents tend to happen when men are behind the wheel. 

Higher rates of car crashes for men

A traffic study conducted by the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia published on The Australian has found more men were involved in car crashes than women. The study has revealed that women have committed 7,000 fewer crash insurance claims than men with 100,000 claims over the past two years. 

According to social scientists and traffic experts, male drivers around the world get into worse car crashes, attributed to increased aggression and risk-taking.

happy couple ready to go on road trip

A lot of young male drivers are involved in illegally racing cars, and paying little attention to road safety. Studies have also found that men are more likely to be driving in accidents involving pedestrians.  

The survey states that, “Men drive faster and break the law more often than their female counterparts, and are more likely to be killed.” However the report also showed that women drivers are twice as likely to have an accident at a junction as a man. 

Lower rates of insurance for women 

According to some insurance companies, women are safer drivers compared to men because women are less costly to insure than men. It's true that both men and women get into driving accidents, but women's accidents are less bloody compared to men. Women tend to clobber fence posts and rear bumpers while men often hit other cars, other people and objects head-on at higher speeds. 

For experts, men are more likely to drink and take drugs while driving, men are more likely not to wear seatbelts and men are more likely to speed. 

Men are considered daredevils on the roads because there are frequent instances of trying to pass through smaller gaps just to go across oncoming traffic. Other statistics suggest that women are less likely to drive as frequently on dangerous, rural roads at night. 

Aside from gender, age is also a factor when weighing who's the safer driver between men and women. Males aged 20 to 24 are more likely to die in car accidents, while females aged 16-19 are slightly more likely to be killed than female at about 20-24. 

According to auto insurance industry experts, the theory is that males, especially young men, tend to drive more aggressively than women. And they display their aggression in a more direct manner. Furthermore, experts agree that male drivers break the law more and take more risks when driving.

We're sure this topic will stir much debate, so leave your thoughts below!