The 11 Greatest Car Chases in Film

Speed freaks are always in search for the fastest, wildest, and craziest car chases in films! We at VroomVroomVroom have listed 11 car chases that will surely put you on the edge of your seat. Check out the following movies below:

11. Fast and the Furious

Tacky as it is, the movie was good for car chases, act like you don't agree. This clip in particular compares the muscle car with the racer. It's a straight stretch and purely for the thrill of seeing who has the powerful car. The challenge is between the late Paul Walker's Toyota Supra against Vin Diesel's Dodge Charger and both cars gave it a good chop. It's a surprise ending, if you haven't seen it before. But I'm sure you have.

10. The Matrix Reloaded

It's not exactly a real car chase and is more of a sci-fi flick, but it does stick in people's minds as a fantastic exhibition of cars in a chase scene on a highway. The effects are electrifying and the hand to hand combat is pretty decent too. All this brought together by gunfire and flipping SUV's and you have one hell of a chase. Apparently an implosion device in the hood of the car was how they made the front of the sedan crumble like it did. Watch the clip, you'll know the part when you see it.

9. Mad Max 2

There are a couple of car chases in the Mad Max series, but this one stands out amongst others. It could be the dog on the passenger seat, or the massive rolling car at the end, but it's probably the sound of heavy engines as Mel Gibson outsmarts the bad guys.

8. Cannonball Run

This film is riddled with great scenes, in fact the entire movie is one long car chase. The one depicted here is one of many, but despite being a pretty old movie, it's worth a watch. The cars are still awesome. In this particular clip, the construction site chase is remarkable as is the highway jump at the end. There is another part of the movie that seems to get lots of discussion. Two women, Jill Rivers and Marcie Thatcher, in a Lamborghini Countach get caught speeding by cops and try to get out of the ticket with a bit of cleavage, but the ticket officer is also female.

7. Smokey and the Bandit

This particular chase is hardly thrills and spills, but it gets props for cleverness. The idea is pretty cool and the movie has loads of them. The country music bops and Burt Reynolds is a hip dude with Sally Fields. Outsmarting the cops is cool, and the truck drivers are even cooler. The Trans Am doesn't get much attention in this clip, but the film is moving ode to the Pontiac . Apparently sales spiked after this film, most buyers requesting Reynolds' fire breathing chicken on the hood.

6. The French Connection

This movie won a massive five Oscars in 1972, so clearly it set the benchmark in its time. One hugely important fact to know about this clip before you watch it is that the stunts are all real. The director, William Friedkin, refused to gain filming permits and had no money for stuntmen, so the people diving out of the way of Gene Hackman's car are actual civilians. The side swipe is real, the woman with the pram is real and the road rules are actually broken. As it happens, the side swipe victim was a guy who had no idea there was filming going on, he was just coming out of a driveway at the wrong time.

5. The Blues Brothers

It's not particularly the chase that pinpoints this one, but the ridiculous destruction that ensues when the Blues Brothers are chased by local police. Set in a small shopping mall, this clip is pure mayhem. The stunts are incredible considering how much glass has been strewn about, and with so many extras involved. It really is an eye opener, even if just for the humor of watching the guys dodge the cops, demolish everything in sight and comment on the mall's range 'Disco pants and haircuts!... Baby clothes, this place has got everything.'

4. The Bourne Identity

One for the Mini, the Bourne series is a beacon for cool chases. Despite having loads of great ones to choose from, the one that sparks most memories is the first movie, The Bourne Identity, where Matt Damon speeds around corners and careens down staircases to get away from the French cops. It's a thrilling scene, and you always expect the car to fall apart, but it soldiers on through tight alleyways and speeding the wrong way on a busy highway. The coolest part is that instead of choosing some hot car, they chose an old model, a believable one for a guy that just needs a getaway. This Mini might be old, but it certainly classifies as one of the best car chases on film to date.

3. The Italian Job (both versions)


2. Ronin

Watching an M series race is always a pleasure, but more so when Natascha McElhone is driving it. This scene from Ronin is only one of many thrilling moments, but this one defines the film's car chase sophistication. Up to 150 stunt drivers were used to create this scene and Robert De Niro is pretty convincing, despite having stunt drivers doing most of the trickier moves. Apparently the actors wanted to get in on the action, so they always sat in the cars while the stunt drivers worked their magic. The M5 is undeniably a meaty car and the speed of the chase is portrayed well, so that the viewer feels like they are speeding in their armchairs. The editing is fantastic and each scene is more confronting than the last. The tunnel scenes are perfection.

1. Bullitt

Number one comes as no surprise to many; however, it has its critics. As far as suspense goes, it doesn't really compete with the crazy CGI stuff we have now, or the budgets film studios have to wreck as much stuff as possible. But, the one thing to remember is that this movie was created back in 1968, way before CGI and back when muscle cars had serious muscle. This is the first film to use live sound, instead of re-recorded sound done during editing. There are a few extra screeches thrown in, but that raw engine sound can't be faked. Steve McQueen did some of the stunts himself out of his own eagerness to drive the Mustang, but most of it was done by driving legend Bud Elkins, with some by Loren Janes. The one thing that remains about this chase is that the Mustang owns the screen. McQueen paired up with that car brought a special electricity to the film with McQueen's own carefully created sequences, and he gave men something to aspire to for the rest of time.

Do you agree with our list of 11 greatest car chases in films? If you know other thrilling car chase scenes, please share them with us :)  

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