My Kangaroo Island Adventure

Part One

Arriving in Adelaide on Sunday morning we were ready to begin our holiday. We disembarked the plane and headed out to explore Adelaide. The accommodation was close to Glenelg so we spent an afternoon eating ice cream and walking along the beach. This beach is my favourite in South Australia as its easy to access via tram or other public transport and has plenty of public car parking. It has a fantastic mix of beach and shopping and takes me back to summer holidays as a child playing all day on the beach.

The next morning the alarm was set early to head down to meet the ferry in Port Jervis that would take us to Kangaroo Island. This was the first time to KI and I was getting more excited as the morning went on. Arriving at the port we parked the car and boarded the large ferry that would take us across the sea to our final destination. Once on the way the gentle rocking of the ship sent some of us asleep while a couple of us explored the ship. We finally arrive on the island and head to collect our hire car before finding our hotel.

Once we settled into the hotel we headed out to experience the island. Only 5 minutes walk from the hotel found us walking along the shore that had tiny holes dug into the bank, as we walked closer to the town we discovered that these holes were the homes of some very cute Fairy Penguins. The island is lucky to be home for many of these penguins. As we continued our walk we came to the centre of the town and to a gathering of people on the shore looking out to the ocean. Then as we approached the group two pelicans glided into take their place right near the spectators. Soon there were 6 pelicans now looking around in anticipation. Then two men headed over towards the people and the pelicans which excited both people and pelicans. It was feeding time and this happens daily hence the excitement. It was an excellent opportunity to see these marine birds up close.
So after an amazing meal and a brilliant nights sleep we headed out early to explore the island.

Now I have to tell you that the island is over 100km long so you will need transport. We started the day at Little Sahara which is the rather large sand dune that pops up out of the bush in the middle of the island. We stopped were to try some sand boarding. This was a brilliant way to feel the sand between your toes and its lots of fun for everyone. Our next stop was Vivonne Bay. This has been ranked as one of the world most pristine beaches. The water was the most stunning turquoise and the sand the whitest white. This is not a road that you would take a hire car on but the walk is worth it. After the beauty of the beach we headed to see Koala Alley. This is a privately run property that has built a sanctuary for the Koala that tourists may entre for a gold coin donation. This is truly an amazing walk as every tree had a koala in it. This was my first experience of koalas in the wild and was a bit disappointed as they are nocturnal so they were asleep when we visited.


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