3 Reasons to visit New Zealand

Three Great Reasons to Visit Wellington.
Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand offers many reasons to visit. Among them are:
1. The Waterfront Walkway – Amidst a relaxing stroll you will experience an exciting mixture of scenery, peoples and events all in one place Begin at either Queens Warf and move in the direction of the train station or Chaffers Marina where it is a joy to take in the atmosphere and surroundings. Take a detour off the walkway and enjoy Lyall Bay. This beach offers white sand, huge waves, and rock pools perfect for swimming.
2. The Wellington Zoo - Though smaller than other zoos, it has many interesting features that make it well worth the visit. Be sure and visit the Kiwis and Pandas while you are there.
3. Te Papa Tongarewa – This one-of-a-kind museum offers a quick education into the diverse culture and heritage of New Zealand.
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